Accelerate receipt processing

with AI

SenseTask AI extracts the desired data from receipts with maximum accuracy and streamlines the accounting and inventory processes.
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3 reasons why you'll love processing receipts with SenseTask

Eliminate the manual data entry

Automatically extract the desired data from receipts in a wide variety of formats and international languages.

Efficiently validate extracted data with our review tool.

Streamlines the accounting and inventory management processes

Associate the products or services on receipts with external data from accounting or management programs.

Artificial intelligence will learn with each approval, giving suggestions next time processing.

Digital archive of all your receipts

Sort your receipts into folders or organizations. Define approval workflows

Search within receipts and filter by extracted essential data.

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Automatically extract the desired data

Upload receipts of various types, in various file formats (PDF, scanned or photographed) and from multiple sources (email, PC or SenseTask API).

OCR technology will extract the text from the receipts and SenseTask AI automatically extracts the desired data.

  • Specify the fields you want to extract from your receipts, add custom ones too.
  • With our proprietary tool you can effectively validate, if necessary, the extracted data.
  • Associate fields with external data (optional).

SenseTask AI learns with each validation, continuously reducing the review time.

Streamline the accounting and inventory management processes

With SenseTask you can streamline the accounting and inventory management processes with the Artificial Intelligence.

  • Associate fields on receipts with external data (e.g. associate a product or service from a receipt to a synchronized account or product in ERP).
  • Customized validations of receipts with data from contracts, offers, waybills or purchase orders.
  • When approving the receipts, the Artificial Intelligence will memorize these associations (e.g. automatic receipt reconciliations).
  • Export extracted data in tabular format (CSV, Excel) or via our API to other applications such as ERP, CRM or DMS.

SenseTask AI learns from these associations on each approval, giving suggestions, thus significantly reducing the processing time.

SenseTask allows data synchronization and export with various types of applications (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, WinMentor, Nexus ERP, SAGA, etc.) through the SenseTask API.

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Digital archive of all your receipts

With SenseTask you can organize all the receipts of your organization in folders, for each folder you can define:

  • Automatic document upload rules (via email or API).
  • Approval workflows.
  • Automation rules for processing your receipts, review only documents that require additional validation.

In this intelligent digital archive, you can search within the receipts content and filter by the essential data extracted.

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