Accelerate document processing with AI
Automatically extract the desired content from documents like invoices, purchase orders, receipts, IDs and forms with Artificial Intelligence. Eliminate manual data entry and significantly decrease processing times.
99% Accuracy & 10X Efficiency
AI technology that extracts the desired data with maximum accuracy. Validate and process documents with lightening speed, invoice processing is finally a breeze!
The Intelligent DMS
SenseTask is an intelligent Document Management System that significantly increases visibility into your documents by allowing you to filter & search by document key data.
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Capture and upload
Upload your documents in PDF format, scanned or photographed from multiple sources

You can upload your documents into SenseTask platform via:

  • Email - just forward the email and its attachments to a SenseTask email. The attachments will be uploaded and processed in a specific folder
  • PC - upload your documents from your PC with a simple drag & drop. If your file as multiple documents you can automatically split them
  • API – connect your application to SenseTask API and start processing documents

SenseTask supports multiple file formats for document processing: PNG, JPG, JPEG (scanned or photographed) and PDF.

Classify and process
SenseTask supports various types of documents and processing options

With SenseTask you can process and extract the key data from invoices, receipts, waybills, purchase orders, contracts, IDs, forms and even custom documents.

For SenseTask folders you can specify the document type and processing steps:

  • Document type – select the desired document type
  • Approval workflows – set approval steps before further processing
  • Validation options – choose from arithmetic validations (e.g. for invoice totals), duplicate document warnings etc.
  • Export/integration options – connect your folder with your integration option

SenseTask team can also train custom extraction models for specific documents.

Validate and export the desired data
Our proprietary validation tool allows you to validate the extracted data efficiently and export to the file format or software application of your choice.

SenseTask offers a top-of-the-line validation tool where you can efficiently validate, if necessary, the extracted data and associate it with external integrations in 3 easy steps.

  • Validate non – tabular data (e.g. company info, dates, totals)
  • Check the tables (e.g. invoice products or services)
  • Associate fields with external data.

AI learns with every validation, continually decreasing your review time.

In this validation tool you can associate certain fields with external data, for example associate a product or service from an invoice to a synced account from the ERP. SenseTask uses Machine Learning to remember these associations significantly decreasing processing times.

Specify the fields you want extracted from your documents, add custom ones as well. Export extracted data in table format (CSV, Excel) or via our API to other applications like ERP, CRM, DMS.

Set up automation rules based on extracted data, custom rules and confidence.

In SenseTask you can set up automation rules based on:

  • Document data
  • Confidence of extracted data
  • User defined logic

Set up automation rules in SenseTask folders for your document processing, review only documents that need extra validation.

Since AI learns with every validation, the validation times will decrease in time and true automation is possible.

Norway Grants

Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants Norway 2014-2021, in the frame of the SME Growth Programme Romania. For more information clickhere.

Automate your workflow
Try a more intelligent way to extract document data.