Real benefits for your business

More efficient workflows
  • Accelerated document processing cycle times (e.g. Invoice cycle)

  • Reduce errors, inefficiencies and frustrations associated with manual entry

  • Optimization of customer facing processes by increasing speed and accuracy

  • Improve overall productivity and performance by streamlining business workflows

  • Enable employees to work from home.

Reduce processing costs by up to 80%
  • Significantly reduce the costs of processing huge volumes of data

  • Decrease audit costs and risk of compliance fines

  • Reduced operating expense

A greener office
  • Reduce up to 95% of office paper usage

  • Completely eliminate wasteful and redundant paper copies

Some statistics about the common office
  • Over 20% of daily productivity loss is attributed to document issues

  • A professional spends on average 18 mins to find a document

  • 80-90% of enterprise data is unstructured and doubling every 3 years

  • The average office document gets photocopied 19 times in its lifespan

  • It takes one tree to produce 10,000 A4 pages, that's how much an employee consumes in one year on average. That is one tree per employee, per year...

Automate your workflow
Try a more intelligent way to extract document data.