Approval workflows

Document classification, approval steps, advanced filtering and search.
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3 reasons why you'll love document workflows with SenseTask

Classify documents by their type
  • Group documents by type into folders or organizations.
  • Customize the visibility of documents in your organization.
Define document approval flows
  • Set up an approval flow for each document type.
  • An approval history is kept for each document.
Advanced search and filtering
  • Search in documents in all documents, even in photographed or scanned ones.
  • Filter documents by key data extracted for each document type.
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Classify and group documents according to their type

With SenseTask you can group all your organization's documents, regardless of their type (PDF, scanned or photographed) into folders and organizations.

Supported document types:

  • Invoices and receipts
  • Waybills and purchase orders
  • Contracts and identity documents
  • Other documents on request

For documents specific to your organization, SenseTask can train models to extract the essential data.

For each folder and department you can define the access of the users of your organization.

Approval flows for documents

Certain documents must go through a flow of approvals in an organization (by one or more people) before reaching the destination application.

In SenseTask for each folder and type of document you can define:

  • Rules for approving documents
  • Notifications for approvals
  • Audit (historical) of the entire approval chain

Each document will keep a history of approvals.

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Advanced search and filtering

In SenseTask photographed or scanned documents are OCR-ized (text is detected), allowing you to search within them. For documents that you choose to have SenseTask AI extract key data from, you can search and filter by key data within each document.

Thus, in the SenseTask digital archive you can:

  • Search in the content of the documents
  • Filter by essential data in each document
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