Norway Grants

Our company is proud to announce that it signed a grant contract with Innovation Norway for improving and fully developing SenseTask document processing capabilities in order to disrupt the intelligent document processing market and create a fast-growing driver for the revenue and profitability of the company.

The total project value is 897.337 euro, out of which 407.000 euro is the grant approved by Innovation Norway.

With the Innovation Norway contribution, we are able to build an Artificial Intelligence-based software platform that can process any type of document (invoices, receipts, forms, contracts, etc.), in order to drastically improve productivity in the workplace, significantly reduce paper consumption and enable professionals to process and access documents remotely. SenseTask aims to reduce the overall costs associated with processing large volumes of documents for both companies in the private sector and governmental agencies, improve overall performance and compliance by streamlining business workflows, and enable organizations to implement document workflows so that employees can work remotely.

Innovation Norway grant will support our company mission to become one of the Eastern Europe disruptors in the intelligent document processing market.

For more information’s about Innovation Norway and SME Growth Romania Programme please visit:

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